The Cryptocurrency News Group The Road So Far
Who doesn’t like a bit of Winchesters fighting the evil?

First of all, Thank You to our beloved community and to everyone who is supporting us throughout this journey! We have been blessed with receiving countless compliments and amazing messages from people all around the world.

Softcap achieved congrats Utrust

 — @gl3nnx

@UTRUST_Official @AliCris2106 Congrats guys #Utrust rocks!

 — @FreeOptions

@crypto_capone @UTRUST_Official looks awesome and is still in ICO phase!

 — @CryptoKhonsu

@UTRUST_Official It seems to be the future

 — @cryptowell

@MichaelSuppo I'm A small time investor, but my biggest investment right now is @UTRUST_Official

 — @dav_chapo

We cannot tell you how much we appreciate the ongoing feedback and well wishes — without you, we could not have achieved what we have achieved so far.

The Hustle is real within every member of the team — everyone is determined and striving for excellence to Make a Change, achieve OUR revolution. And it’s not just within our team, it’s within the community too. No matter how small your input is, every share, every like, every feedback matters — together we can accomplish great things.

Even though we are only halfway there, we have managed to reach some impressive checkpoints and we would like to proudly share them with you:

  • KuCoin, first exchange supporting UTK — we have partnered up with KuCoin, one of the hottest Bitcoin exchanges on the market right now, and more exchanges coming soon
  • The ICO softcap ($10M) was reached in less than 10 hours — traffic of over 10,000 visitors was peaking within first hours and was handled without any major setbacks or issues
  • Hi Ghana! 🇬🇭 — we are working hard on approving more countries every day and if you have any questions or queries regarding The List, hit us up on Social Media or email us at and one of our customer support warriors will answer you shortly
  • More stats:
The Cryptocurrency News Group The Road So Far

Excited yet? For more information, have a look at UTRUST’s Whitepaper or, if you’d like to participate in the ICO and be part of our revolution, Join UTRUST ICO NOW!

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The Cryptocurrency News Group The Road So Far
The Cryptocurrency News Group The Road So Far

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The Cryptocurrency News Group The Road So Far