The Cryptocurrency News Group SENSE PUBLIC TOKEN SALE IS LIVE!

We are thrilled to announce that the SENSE public token sale is live and wanted to share the excitement of our progress to date on our presale.

From the beginning we’ve built Sensay on the strength of our ability to match humans, to perform conversational analysis, to attribute knowledge to the users who contributed it and to use machine learning to get smarter with each conversation.

While building a community with millions of members and tens of millions of coins circulating is a start, those numbers are relatively small in scale and reach.

With the creation of the SENSE brand and distribution of the SENSE token to create a decentralized platform to transact human data, we’re opening the door to access this data to the world, and we wanted to let developers have access to the token and accompanying API so they could materialize a future that makes SENSE.

As such, we opened our doors to include our developer community into the presale early. Towards the presale we received 65,833,334 SENSE and signed up 1124 developers (and still growing.)

Here’s how the developer presale with Github verification worked:

The Cryptocurrency News Group SENSE PUBLIC TOKEN SALE IS LIVE!

Our institutional support has been equally outstanding including 66,666,666 SENSE to date from institutions like Blockchain Capital, Binary Financial, Hyperchain Capital, Galaxy Digital Assets and Bank to the Future.

We have also included strong strategic advisors and backers in Dr. Gavin Wood Ethereum, Parity; Gil Penchina, Flight Ventures; Simon Dixon, BnkToTheFuture; Craig Sellars, Tether, Omni; Nick Sullivan; ChangeCoin, Airbnb; Galia Benartzi, Bancor Network.

Our Main Sale ends on November 30, 2017 and we look forward to making SENSE together!


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The Cryptocurrency News Group SENSE PUBLIC TOKEN SALE IS LIVE!

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