Fair Trade Cab (FTC) is a blockchain platform that tokenizes on-demand transportation. FTC provides a geo-based app and automatic built-in app token exchange that democratises on-demand transportation by directly connecting Passengers to Drivers and allows a simple way for everyone to use and receive cryptocurrency in the REAL WORLD.

From governments to finance and securities institutions, blockchain technology has revolutionized several industries by building trust & security, reducing costs and the acceleration of user transactions. However, today these significant benefits are currently only seen in these specialized sectors. The complexity and ability to truly understand and apply this technology into our everyday lives has yet to be mastered.

Enter Fair Trade Cab! Fair Trade Cab is the first tokenization platform that has not only bridged the gap between business and everyday consumer use, but also taking steps to bring the benefits of cryptocurrency into everyday life on a frequent basis.

FTC has created a protocol that anticipates all factors for an optimal rideshare equation:

  • Maximum convenience & lowest cost for Passengers
  • 0% Commission charged to the Drivers
  • Investors benefiting from several billion dollar market caps that are projected to increase by 800–1000% over the next decade
  • A user-friendly App built upon solving current challenges faced by on demand transportation users

This is just a “quick look under FTC’s hood”. The “full service” analysis shows a visionary company that has the potential to be the leader in this new sector of decentralized & distributed companies. FTC’s distributed system is stable & the technical infrastructure allows for infinite scalability to the maximum population. Therefore the evolution into new and diverse sectors based on the FTC’s “fair” business model is tremendous. FTC’s long term vision is one division of their main entity, Fair Tech Company, which includes travel & tourism, healthcare and marketplaces in addition to on-demand transportation (Fair Trade Cab).

FTC transforms connecting rideshare users and enables cryptocurrencies to be widely used in the real economy which makes for a more fair, transparent and efficient connection since it is truly peer to peer. The FTC business model is the solution with a distributed platform and FTC exchange fully integrated and automatic. Current centralized methods charge high commission costs as well as utilizing several third party companies being used to achieve a simple ride. This business model is not only complicated, but it also increases the cost of a ride for passengers.

Billion dollar market cap
The on-demand transportation industry is expected to grow eightfold to $285 billion by 2030 (Source: Goldman Sachs, Market Watch, May 2017).

Thanks to its built in live app, FTC harnesses all the potential that comes with the decentralized nature of the blockchain system and available consumer data. Thus, allowing the company to grow exponentially and capture market share.

In the last years, on demand transportation has undergone a rapid growth and penetration facilitated by digital platforms and openness of consumers to try mobile apps that facilitate peer-to-peer business models and sharing economy companies is growing exponentially. FTC has taken the current growth landscape and combined it with the emergence of Blockchain to streamline its built in exchange & payment process thereby providing the lowest priced ride on the market.

How does Fair Trade Cab work?


The main protocol allows passengers to connect with drivers using a unique method of payment in the app, Fair Trade Cab Coin (FTCC) in four simple steps:

1. Passengers register & enter their credit card information into the app (one time at the start)

2. Passengers order a ride with a user friendly and simple 3 touch process.

3. Driver & passenger enjoy the ride and arrive at desired destination.

4. Driver ends the ride & the passenger enjoys the added features such as saving the driver as a favourite driver, rating the driver and gratuity if desired.

Why does this process seem to be as simple as ordering a ride today? That is because FTC has built a completely behind the scene transfer & exchange function to trade real world money with its cryptocurrency. This user friendly innovation drives their value proposition and the and results in the immediate connection between driver and passenger in an autonomous and fair peer to peer transaction

Building the Best Rides for the Future
Fair Trade cab offers a unique opportunity for all users of rideshare to benefit and be exposed to the value of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology in a simple and intuitive way. Fair Trade Cab invites its early adopters to sign up for the initial coin offering (ICO) and to be part of an impactful ecosystem that seeks to build a fair economy in the tech world. The early adopters of the app will not only be part of a step-changing movement but also benefit from a series of first users advantages.

“New technologies should be developed in a fair & socially responsible manner when they involve people. We are not robots. Hard work should be appreciated and recognized whether in the form of a tip at the end of the ride, or ensuring drivers receive 100% of the ride cost. Building a fair economy is the foundation of Fair Trade Cab. It is not only a competitive advantage but it makes FTC the only on-demand transportation App in the world to make this powerful statement and this promise into a reality” (Priya Roberts, CEO of Fair Trade Cab)

In an ever-changing fast paced world, that there is a need to learn to harness the power of intelligence as new technologies are developed while still remaining consumer-centric by means of listening and understanding the users innovated for.

FTC’s ambition is to become the preferred method in the future by integrating blockchain technology and cryptocurrency payment methods. This propels forward on-demand transportation by not only connecting Drivers & Passengers in its geo-based FTC App but also linking blockchain technology with the FTC Wallet & Exchange for FTC Coins. Thus allowing maximum convenience and immediate transactions of assets.

FTC offers the incredible opportunity today to be its brand ambassador and to join its movement with #FAIRFARE — FTC community’’. The FTC pre-ICO is officially launched, with the promise of taking a Fair Ride on the Blockchain, the most exciting drive into the future!


To learn more about Fair Trade Cab all information is available on the website or join the FTC community and our #FAIRFARE movement on social media.

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