The Cryptocurrency News Group High BTC, Low ETH Translates into Increased ERC20 Token Value for Early Investors

Bitcoin has recently crossed the $6800 barrier which was a major support point for the coin for a while. Not only it has touched it, it has smashed it to touch $7300 on several exchanges and $7200 on all exchanges. However, why PodOne, an altcoin, technically an alt-token, is discussing Bitcoin?

When Bitcoin catches the flu, the crypto-world sneezes. And why not, after all, not only is the coin the oldest one, the pioneer, the trendsetter, it is also the costliest coin. Moreover, Bitcoin tends to hand an inversely proportional relation with altcoins. When Bitcoin goes up, Ethereum, the king of the altcoins, goes down. We can see that now, with Bitcoin going up, Ethereum plunged from $340+ to $280+.

This is particularly good news for you if you are interested in purchasing altcoins like Qubicles. Why? Simply because our tokens are bought against Ethereum and the rate is fixed. So, if you want to purchase 3000 Qubicle, you will need 1 (or 2, during the ICO) Ethereum but then, with Ethereum prices down, you effectively pay less, when considered in dollars, for the same amount of Qubicles.

Why would you bother buying so early? After all, you would want to buy something with a little-proven record, right?

Let us tell you how the answers don’t contradict each other.

PodOne is a new name, agreed. However, PodOne comes from the well-trusted brand of Fenero, a company which caters to contact centers worldwide with several solutions. From providing complete software solutions for contact centers to keeping everything licensing-free, Fenero has been both trusted and awarded by the contact center industry. Mainstream media and the niche media praised the operations of Fenero extensively. When Fenero decided its next product should be powered by the blockchain (we believe this is the future), it formed PodOne.

Now that we have established the credibility of our company, let us tell you the exact advantage of investing early. Buying early gets you bonus Qubicles every time you purchase. During the main ICO, the pricing is 1,500 QBE = 1 ETH while during the pre-sale you get double the amount at 3000 QBE = 1 ETH. That’s a flat 100% bonus from us to our early contributors.

Now, you wouldn’t mind getting double of what you paid for, right?

Again, coming back to the low Ethereum price, when coupled with the 100% bonus it gives you more bang for your token bucks! Let’s do a simple calculation:

High Ether, No Bonus : 1 ETH = $350 = 1500 QBE.

1 QBE = 23 cents.

Present Ether Rate, Bonus : 1 ETH = $280 = 3000 QBE

1 QBE = 9 cents.

You pay only 40% of the price if you purchase your Qubicles now. In other words, for the same price, you get 2.5 times or 250% Qubicles.

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The Cryptocurrency News Group High BTC, Low ETH Translates into Increased ERC20 Token Value for Early Investors