The Cryptocurrency News Group Cashea ICO: An Innovative Financial Ecosystem Based On The Blockchain.

Cashaa is a financial services payment and banking structure based on blockchain technology, which outperforms the current banking system. This platform offers creative education and money transfer service between Fiat and Cyrptocurrencies. It makes the use of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology user-friendly with high usability for both customers who are used to banking and those who have never used banking before. At Cashaa, banks and other financial services would be very easy for those who do not understand cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Sending money from one country to another would be very quick and only possible to a very limited extent. Users have access to the global market. The Cashea community is one with an open API. Its blockchain powered platform has been tested by real users in 141 countries, a profit was created for both the crypto-forex trader community and the money-sending community. This test has shown that the Cashaa platform is now able to handle large transaction volumes. Its strong KYC, AML guidelines and compliance make it a complete regulatory complaint. It has enhanced trust functions that increase stakeholder protection from any manipulation, reducing risk for both sides. There are improved operations that increase the user experience. To help the platform maintain optimal performance while maintaining the highest level of security in a distributed environment for the blockchain functions, the system is divided into five component functions.

  1. CAS Link Layer, which performs the basic KYC security checks
  2. CASNet layers that enable a blockchain-driven business contract for a decentralized pear and pear economy in the event of a conflict.
  3. CASFabric, which enables a decentralized exchange with a clearinghouse messaging network, fraud prevention, clock synchronization between participants and medium for liquidity providers.
  4. Caschain layers that give the platform the flexibility to work with all sorts of digital currency.
  5. CASFiat, which allows the transaction with any cash currency as a participant in Cashaa, there are several tools that can give you a wonderful banking experience: 1.Cashaa wallet that serves as your bank account. You can keep both your digital money and your cash here. 2.Physical and virtual cards that can work at ATMs and POS terminals. It works the same way as the Verve, Master and Visa cards. 3.Cashaa microcredits, which are peer-to-peer loans on our platform. 4.Cashaa peer-to-peer exchange that allows you to sell individual Cyrpto currencies for cash
  6. Cashaa is also looking forward to introducing a peer-to-peer insurance policy that offers the same service as traditional insurers’ shippers to the general public.

To achieve the greatest possible acceptance and ease of use for both, who have access to banking services, Cashaa has partnered with various existing licensed institutions such as banks and other financial institutions, telecommunications companies and government agencies. Cashea is still working on other partnerships to ensure their services reach people in remote areas. Cashaa tokens have been created for those who want to be part of this project. The sale starts on 6th November 2017 at 1pm London time. 51% of the project is to be awarded. Everyone who owns the token has access to a premium service on the Cashea platform.

Token costs $ 10. Accepted currencies for the token are Eth, BTC, USD, GBP and Eur. Currencies are accepted for any transaction that creates a smart contract between the buyer and Cashaa. Token Market A top ICO management platform manages token distribution and token execution. The token market will also be received with an external audition to ensure optimal security for our token sellers.

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The Cryptocurrency News Group Cashea ICO: An Innovative Financial Ecosystem Based On The Blockchain.