Businesses Blockchain Evolution is About to Begin

New real-world applications of smart contracts are emerging nearly every day, and some of the biggest names across industries have invested hundreds of millions of dollars to develop smart contract-based projects. But there’s one that’s really determined to disrupt the way businesses operate nowadays. Today, on the 1st of December, token sale for Jincor project begins.

Jincor is a secure, regulatory compliant, and easy-to-use platform that allows businesses to work with smart contracts and cryptocurrency payments with no legal, technical, or operational complications, in a cost-efficient manner.

A huge difference of Jincor from all existing analogs is that the project’s team is building their own private blockchain with an open API. It will allow many of talented IT entrepreneurs in the field to build up the value to the platform by developing more blockchain enterprise solutions and have a market full of businesses registered at willing to use them.

But the battle Jincor is going to fight is not to prevent the niche competitors from succeeding, but to legitimize the entire blockchain industry, that’s why many of existing and potential competitors can end up being our partners since we develop a modular solution with robust integration capabilities.

Jincor has already successfully launched a closed beta testing its basic functionality – set of features for secure and efficient enterprise interactions – in cooperation with dozens of companies, and the open beta release that will become available at the beginning of December had already attracted 300+ businesses to give it a try. In open beta, there will be much more features available, including cryptocurrency wallets, built on pre-alpha version of Jincor’s private blockchain, and a basic labor smart contract template that can be easily customized for the needs of businesses of any industry and scale.

Earlier in August, the startup held a pre-ICO campaign, selling 4% of JCR tokens emission, and reaching the hard cap in less than a week.  Starting from the 1st of December public token sale will start. The company has put on sale 76% of its JCR tokens, which will be an integral part of Jincor platform. The token price is $1 per 1 JCR; the ETH/JCR exchange rate is calculated automatically in accordance with the current ETH/USD rate.

The token sale will last until January 31, 2018, or until all the allocated tokens are sold, and the hard cap of $26.6 mln is reached (the soft cap is $2.5 mln).

For more information about Jincor and the ongoing token sale, please visit

Images courtesy of Jincor

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