What is Bonpay?

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Bonpay Wallet is a powerful, easy and convenient service, available from fully functional web-enabled devices. Each user will be able to download the Bonpay Apps for free on Android and iOS versions in 2018.

By registering an account, users automatically create a Bonpay multiparty wallet and a private key that is initially stored safely in hot and cold storage to protect your funds.

After making the wallet can be directly loaded with kriptocurrency. To do so, the user must log into his account, go to the Deposit section and select the option “With cryptocurrency” in the deposit options list or simply click on the crypto balance of his wallet. Send the asset to the newly created address listed on the deposit page.


  • Self-controlled data protection. With the Bonpay security system you become the direct owner of your funds and your private key holder;
  • Risk diversification
  • Multiple currency accounts Bonpay Wallet supports different types of cryptocurrency and is compatible with various blockchains
  • Storage is decentralized
  • Ability to transfer and exchange funds in 125+ currencies at a transparent and fair price
  • Protection of blockchain cut-throat assets
  • Easy-to-use interface. You will be able to control the movement of funds with the help of Bonpay’s user-oriented account interface: dashboards with charts and up-to-date information on rates, shopping history, blockchain transactions, revenue streams etc. A measurable history of your payments account is also available, so you can set your own spending on the go
  • Customization of your account will also be empowered to set expenditure limits, daily limitations, self-withdrawal conditions. You can read more about our account adjustment features in the “Main Product Features”
  • 0.15% of any user payments made with the Bonpay Card. Rewards will be paid each month so that each cardholder can also be a token holder and earn additional profits
  • Sustainability provided by Decentnalized Liquidity Network (DLN).


The Bonpay team is developing new technology and will soon apply it in our business model.

DLN will be based on the interaction of some smart contracts that allow liquidity providers, the rich and also Bitcoin exchange, work safely rather than compete and improve their customers’ liquidity. Participants do not need to trust each other because they are cryptographically protected. Bonpay will be one participant equal to the Decentralized Liquidity Network and the first to invest in it.

Using DLN helps separate the risk of holding money in one or more exchanges, this gives you confidence in the steady and rapid work of the system because unexpected calamities can not affect all participants at the same time. What’s more, the involvement of various service providers opens new horizons to turn more crypto cognitive into each other and make it easy and fast to send messages.

The Cryptocurrency News Group BONPAY | Online and offline payments with virtual and plastic cards


ITS will begin in October 2017. The initial offer will collect 51% of all BON tokens issued to Initial Token Sale by Bonpay with the BON symbol. The token level for sale will be equal to 1/500 ETH, in other words for 1 ETH you will get 500 BON tokens. Cryptocurrencies other than ETH will be converted to ET.

Furthermore 34% of all remaining tokens in Bonpay will include business development costs which in turn require a smooth operation of the product, increase product superiority in the market, constant market monitoring, create new product opportunities for users, develop team skills and expand audiences .

15% of other BON tokens are addressed to the Bonpay team, early investors and advisors. This token will ensure the value of the BON token and its increment interest. See further token distribution below.

The minimum number of tokens allowed per purchase is 10 BON. The fixed limit of Initial Token Sale earns 200,000 ETH, which will ensure 51% of tokens are made public. Unless the number mentioned above reaches the maximum, 51% of tokens will be adjusted according to minimum and maximum. Benefits of the Token holder depend directly on the number of users and Bonpay payment volumes. As we expect that the price of the tokens BON will then grow, our users will benefit greatly from resale of the goods in short and long term perspective.


Bonpay will reward its users. BON token holders will get an incentive of 0.65% of any payments made by the owner of Bonpay Сard. The accumulated sum of fees from this transaction will determine the pool-bonus. Bonpay’s goal is to share this gift regularly at ETH (or BON tokens at the request of the client) every six months and then, monthly.

All Bonpay Сard users will receive 0.15% cashback in the BON token form, so it can be a token holder and get an additional allowance. Rewards will be paid monthly from each user payments with Bonpay Сard. This Token BON, allocated for user rewards, will be purchased on the open market which will consequently have a positive impact on the token price.

Bonpay aims to support as many cryptocurrencies as possible to provide our services to any crypto community. That’s why our clients will be able to complete their Bonpay id with many ERC20 tokens, including BON tokens, along with BTC and ETH, and make their card payments seamlessly.


The Bonpay team believes that the key to success lies in the convergence of Bonpay’s interests and goals and society. We are confident that you share the vision of the future and that is why 85% of all tokens will be made public. 51% will be made and distributed to the public early on the Initial Token Sale event and 34% will be retained by Bonpay and / or Distributor, held in publicly viewable wallets and shared with the public over the next 5 years. This should ensure long-term and balanced business development.

The remaining 15% is dedicated to initial investors, founders, and Bonpay employees as a reward for their efforts and resources contributing to the project. 5% of all BON tokens will be provided to initial project proponents who help us launch the Bonpay service, which is already available for use. 10% will be distributed among founding partners, developers and other Bonpay employees as part of a compensation package for the next 5 years.

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The Cryptocurrency News Group BONPAY | Online and offline payments with virtual and plastic cards