The Cryptocurrency News Group Bonpay “is Always There to Connect The Traditional Finance and The Digital Currency World”

Who we are & What we do
fans of cryptocurrency, inspired by Blockchain’s decentralized technology, unlimited development potential and payment freedom. We dedicate our efforts to promote crypto and fertility dissemination. All our intentions are meant to make transfer Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin etc. more simple, safe and seamless.

In establishing business policies Bonpay company operates according to the Blockchain philosophy in producing fast, flexible and smooth financing. Our service promotes an individualized approach to everyone and adapts to the needs of each client, providing personalized solutions.

So what are the alternatives?

For most of the world’s first citizens of Bitcoin and other digital currencies it is completely useless — deadlocked technology, unattractive to large banks and governments, is used by strange people, drug dealers and libertarians.

Although, people are still using Bitcoin. Not in vain.

For example, you can bring Nigeria. According to company reports Enhancing Financial Innovation — only 36 percent of the country’s population has access to banking services. According to the organizational representatives of the United States of America, such as prepaid debit cards to send money, or transfer money through on-the-way brothers. Both methods are very troublesome and very slow. In addition, they can not always be considered safe. Most people start their acquaintance with crypto that just attracts attention, some do it with pressure because they have absolutely no other alternative to money transfer.

Easy remittance in few clicks

As we see, a more accessible alternative is needed.

That is why Bonpay, who is dealing with online remittances, uses his technology to create a money transfer network that will cover the whole world.

At Bonpay we are trying to create a way to send money to friends and relatives, which is much harder to do in West Africa than in the first World countries.

Due to the large number of computers around the world, the system developed by Bonpay lets you send and receive money with the currency you need. You can send money in Bitcoins, and they are automatically converted and acceptable in local currency. Users, whose home country allows to order Bonpay cards can do it more easily, but those who have difficulty accessing banking services, can use Bonpay’s wallet. By using the Bitcoin wallet, you can transfer your funds as easily as possible and without internal commissions. All in one wallet — receive, store, convert, spend and transfer Bitcoin in whatever way you want.

A question about time

Bitcoin is growing rapidly, and this growth is an important threat to Western Union and similar services that exploit the cost of remittances.

Crypto-currency is not just a concept, but a multibillion-dollar operating industry. And the service delivery days, which coat a person’s pocket with a very high commission to get the privilege to move your own money around the world, sooner or later will be numbered.

Bonpay is a payment solution, which will be able to expand the remittance market.

Gift Token and Card Holder

The Cryptocurrency News Group Bonpay “is Always There to Connect The Traditional Finance and The Digital Currency World”

BON Token Details

Token Symbol: BON

1 BON = 1/500 ETH
1 ETH = 500 BON

200 000 ETH

Duration of ITS
4 weeks

Bonpay Street Map

January 2016
The idea of ​​creating Bonpay services

May 2016
Beginning of platform development

August 2016
Negotiate with a reputable credit / debit card processing company

September 2016
First Mpp (Minimum Product) Bonpay Wallet

January 2017
The first investment from private investors

June 2017
The subscription is open to the user

September 1, 2017
Launch of Bonpay Web version 1.0

TUE October 31, 2PM (UTC)
Token Sale started

4 weeks after the start date of Initial Token Sale
The conclusion of Bonanday Initial Token Sale

November 2017
Start trading on the exchange

Q4 2017
Partnership with best exchange and support for BON tokens, integration of more card providers, iOS / Android app beta

Q1 2018
IOS / Android v1.0 app, multi-signature wallet, more currency, DLN development

Q2 2018
Web version 2.0, NFC cards, licenses, more crypto, token

Q3 2018
API for business account, multi payment, DLN launch

Q4 2018
IOS / Android v2.0 app, multi-currency card, beta test for DLN

Year 2019
DLN integration, add other blockchain assets, crypto, tokens, other fiat options

Year 2020 and beyond
Crypto credit card, 0% crypto exchange rate, new payment method via gadget integrated with cryptocurrency

The Cryptocurrency News Group Bonpay “is Always There to Connect The Traditional Finance and The Digital Currency World”

And, of course, most of the information about the mills is designed for technological innovation, while others are a former reference system that provides brokers between customers and companies.
Bonpay’s view is to create a completely separate financial situation for the client. Become a system in which you will have everything you need from digital pockets where money is saved, in fact it is actually a bank card to use your hard-earned money when and where you need it.

But why Bonpey? Here are a few reasons: it is already present in more than 125 countries, that is, you have almost universal opportunities, more than 130 different digital money work with us, and it features the most popular ones, such as Bitcoin and Etherium, and even the best ones You do not need to use another system for each digital forex just because you use forex, so it is not determined that you need one system for this.
In addition, it is possible that the advantages that are suitable for capturing is that the service is absolutely free, for example, when registering. That is, it is the same as in the online community, without problems, without any direct load.

Accept or redeem your loan faster and more efficiently using the Bonpay digital forex profile, which provides protection and stability that only blocks technological innovation and decentralization.
When enabled, client systems receive exceptional benefits, such as fees in Bitcoin and Etherium, as well as individual bank cards and specifications, which only our clients can claim forex. Soon, the sale of cash Bonpay, your guarantee, confuses you in the field of digital coins! Digital money means that outrageous ones improve how companies do and how much money they think. We have real money moving into the digital system. We see an increase in decentralization. Soon the blockade will control the whole world. With technological innovations that are difficult to avoid when presenting methods, programs are virtually unlimited.

The Cryptocurrency News Group Bonpay “is Always There to Connect The Traditional Finance and The Digital Currency World”

A world in which fraud, including cash, can no longer be accessed, it will be impossible to mislead or create counterfeit money. Decentralization has come to the forefront, and some say that programs that have surpassed the financial department, even for elections that will be guaranteed for the first time in the past, give a 100% clear democracy in the vote.
But why discuss the main advantages of these excellent digital money? Horas, there’s no time to talk about them.

The digital currency market sees that its development is proceeding at an astonishing rate. Traders around the world who want to have their own digital forex. Business owners who have already made strategic programs based on technological innovation are blockchain.
Contracts that have been selected using the same technological innovations. The implementation of decentralization is improving day by day, and every day we find new opportunities for this, but it is unlikely that they can appear earlier.

This project seems very interesting, and here we provide you with basic information. We tried to approach you in this promising project, but in order to find all the information, up to the level of detail, we strongly recommend that you thoroughly and officially review the official official documents to see if you are an expert or a beginner in the blockchain technology that you can be found at the following link:
this is all I can say about Bonpay so that all my friends can visit the link and the official Bonpay website below:

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The Cryptocurrency News Group Bonpay “is Always There to Connect The Traditional Finance and The Digital Currency World”