The Cryptocurrency News Group A Closer Look at Tokenized Dust

The day is almost here! In just 3 short days, a new version of Dust will be available in the app store with GMT integrated features. As we’ve mentioned in previous blog posts, this update will allow you to expand your reach with premium Blasts, get more time in the spotlight with premium Connect, and earn GMT just by being an active Dust user (note: due to the ongoing token sale, these features will be operating on the Rinkeby testnet and switched over to Mainnet GMT at the conclusion of the sale).

Premium Blasts

As any experienced Dust user will tell you, Blasts are a great way to securely share a post with some or all of your contact list. But what if you want to share your post with more than your contact list?

Enter premium Blasts.

When composing a Blast, you will now have the option to use GMT to expand your reach. By spending a small amount of GMT per extra person you want to reach, you can send your blasts out to other Dust users outside of your contact list and expand your network.

Premium Connect

Another way to enhance your reach is by getting featured on the front page of the Connect tab. Every 24 hours, you can guarantee yourself a spot front and center to drive more traffic to your profile. Up to 25 people can be featured at once in the main discover page. If there are 25 people currently featured, you’ll have to wait for one of the listings to expire before getting listed.

GMT Rewards

While you can still buy GMT in our token sale, you can also earn it just by being an active Dust user. You can earn GMT by opting in to GMT features, logging in once a day, and receive a bonus for every 7 consecutive days you log in.

We plan to add additional ways to earn GMT in the near feature, including inviting friends to Dust, reading a certain number of blasts, or responding to an incoming message within a short time period.

Dust-GMT Wallet

Your Dust-GMT wallet will display all you need to know about your in-app GMT account. You can check your balance, view ETH address, check your history of in-app transactions, or manage your account settings. In the settings menu, you can export your wallet’s private key to back it up, or import a wallet from another account. You can access your GMT wallet at any time by clicking the Mercury Protocol logo anywhere in the app.

Looking Ahead

After the conclusion of the token sale, we will be switching these features over to the Ethereum Mainnet and continue to add new ways to earn GMT as an active platform member, and new tokenized features to customize your experience.

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The Cryptocurrency News Group A Closer Look at Tokenized Dust